Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage

Understanding Medicare Advantage Costs and Coverage

Navigating the complexities of healthcare is not just a necessity; it’s a vital part of maintaining a high standard of living, especially for our senior community. With each stage of life, health insurance becomes increasingly integral, and for many Americans over 65, the choice between traditional Medicare and a Medicare Advantage plan dictates the kind of care they receive. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unravel the intricate web of  Advantage costs and coverage, providing clarity for seniors and health insurance shoppers alike.

The Importance of Knowing Medicare Advantage Details

Selecting a Medicare plan is one of the most important decisions an individual will make regarding their healthcare. With long-term health and financial implications, understanding the nuances of  Advantage plans can save you both money and stress. Let’s start at the beginning.

Medicare Advantage Overview

Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans offer a combined approach to healthcare, bundling the features of Original Medicare (Parts A and B) with additional benefits such as prescription drug coverage (Part D), and vision, dental, and hearing services. These comprehensive plans are offered by private insurers approved by Medicare and aim to streamline medical care under one, often cost-effective, program.

Medicare Advantage Definitions and Benefits

Unlike traditional Medicare, which is government-run and pays for a sizable portion of your health care bills,  Advantage plans are designed to offer the same coverage as Original Medicare, but with added features and an alternative way to receive services.

Costs Associated with Medicare Advantage

Understanding the financial outlay associated with  Advantage goes beyond the premium you pay. It’s necessary to unpack various costs, including copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance.


The monthly premium of a Medicare Advantage plan adds to the base amount you already pay for Medicare Part B. It’s a fixed cost and can range from zero to a few hundred dollars, depending on the features and the insurer’s pricing strategy.


Before your plan’s coverage kicks in, you may need to reach a certain deductible. Some plans have higher deductibles in exchange for lower premiums, so it’s important to factor this in when choosing a plan.

Copayments and Coinsurance

These are the out-of-pocket costs you pay when you receive particular services. A co-payment is a fixed amount, while coinsurance is a percentage of the total cost.

Coverage Offered by Medicare Advantage Plans

The crux of any healthcare plan is the services it covers. For Medicare Advantage, this includes a broad array extending beyond Original Medicare.

Hospital Services

 Advantage plans are mandated to cover all the services Original Medicare does, which includes hospital care (Part A) for inpatient stays, including semiprivate room, meals, general nursing, and drugs as part of your inpatient treatment.

Doctor Visits

Outpatient care (Part B) is also covered under Medicare Advantage, encompassing doctor’s visits, preventive care, and medical equipment.

Prescription Drugs

While not universal, many  Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage or the option to add it. This is significant as drug costs can be a substantial portion of healthcare expenses.

Additional Benefits

The allure of Medicare Advantage for many is the potential for additional benefits such as dental, vision, hearing, and even gym memberships. These extra perks can significantly improve the quality of life for policyholders.

Factors Influencing Costs

Despite standardization, the costs you encounter with an Advantage plan can vary widely.

Plan Type

HMO, PPO, PFFS, and SNPs are types of Medicare Advantage plans, each structured differently, which results in distinct cost structures and network limitations. For example, HMOs often have lower premiums and less out-of-pocket expenses but are more restrictive in terms of out-of-network care.


Where you live plays a part in the cost and availability of plans. Insurers calculate premiums based on regional costs of health care and the plan’s level of service.

Health Condition

Individual health concerns can significantly affect your overall healthcare and expected costs. Some  Advantage plans may be better suited for those with chronic conditions or individuals who need frequent medical attention, while others may be more cost-effective for generally healthier seniors.

Comparing Medicare Advantage Plans

When choosing an Advantage plan, a consumer should consider our approach comparative and deliberate.

Tips for Choosing the Right Plan

It’s advisable to list your current medications and healthcare needs, review the total costs of a plan (not just the premium), ensure your providers are in-network, and take advantage of resources like Medicare’s Plan Finder tool or independent Medicare insurance agents. For more information or a 30-minute free consultation Look Here.


Understanding Medicare Advantage costs and coverage is key to making informed choices that can ultimately enhance your health and well-being in your golden years. By taking the time to comprehend the nuances of coverage and the potential financial obligations, you’re not just purchasing health insurance; you’re investing in your future.

In summary,  Advantage plans offer a flexible alternative to Original Medicare, with the potential for personalizing coverage to better fit your needs. While costs can vary, careful consideration and informed decision-making can lead to a plan that brings both value and peace of mind. Remember, when it comes to healthcare, an educated consumer is a healthier consumer.


Health Matching Account

Health Matching Account

The Health Matching Account Services (HMA) covers not only necessary medical expenses but also elective procedures that you may want. At HMSA, we are committed to providing you access to an average of $2 or more in medical benefits for every $1 that you contribute to the health matching account each month as the program progresses. Unlike the Health Savings Account (HSA), you can continue using your HMA after you reach 65.

In addition to helping you pay for the majority of your out-of-pocket expenses that are not covered by your health insurance or Medicare. This Health Matching Account provides you with more freedom and purchasing power than any other medical savings plan available. The HMA is a medical savings program that guarantees substantial growth of your available medical benefits.

With the HMA, you have the freedom to opt for any medical services, including experimental and elective procedures. These procedures include LASIK, plastic surgery, and many others performed by licensed medical doctors, that you may not have been able to afford otherwise.

The Health Matching Account can provide you with the safety net you need to save money on the majority of your out-of-pocket medical expenses that your insurance or Medicare will not pay for. In addition, the HMA can also allow you to increase your medical deductible over time as your HMA accumulates. The benefits of this program increase every month, providing you with a comprehensive and reliable medical savings solution.

1. Superior Monthly Medical Benefit Matching and Health Care Saving

The HMA® program is designed to assist you in saving money on various out-of-pocket expenses that your health insurance or Medicare plan does not cover, such as doctor visits, prescription medications, dental care, vision care, and more. With the help of HMA®, you can enhance your healthcare purchasing power, making it easier for you to access the care you need.

 2. Guaranteed Growth Of Your Medical Benefits

The monthly matching of medical benefits awarded into your HMA® plan above and beyond what you contribute is guaranteed to increase for you as you stay in the program as long as your plan is in good standing. Your HMA® will match your monthly contributions with an average of $2 in medical benefits for every $1 above and beyond what you contribute to your plan. This match will secure you significant medical savings along the way both before and after you reach your paid-up, target medical benefit cap.

3. Guaranteed Issue

You can easily enroll in the Health Matching Account plan of your choice in five minutes! Unlike health insurance, the HMA® requires no upfront underwriting and will also allow you to cover every member in your household under the age of 26.

4. Easy To Use

You can access your HMA® plan benefits to pay for your qualifying medical needs by presenting your HMA® Medical Benefits ID Card to your healthcare providers at the time of service. A digital version of the HMA® Medical Benefits ID Card will be available in each participant’s member portal. Your provider will then verify both the eligibility of the service and that you have a sufficient amount of medical benefits available in your HMA® plan to pay for this medical expense. No further action will need to be taken by the HMA® participant at their provider’s office.

5.  Now You Can Afford Elective Procedures

With the HMA®, you now gain the freedom to opt for other medical services that you may have always wanted or needed but could not afford before because of the ever-growing amount of medical benefits that you will secure in your plan each and every month. Your HMA® can be used for any elective procedure with a medical doctor including for dental, Lasik, and even plastic surgery.

Health Insurance Services

Health Insurance Services

Meyer Insurance Agency, located in Shawano, Wisconsin, is committed to providing a comprehensive approach to Health Insurance, which is vital to the well-being of both individuals and businesses. We understand the importance of fully comprehending the various options available, including the marketplace healthcare system, commonly known as ACA or Obama Care, and off-market options.

The Marketplace is a healthcare program financed by the Federal Government and is available only during specific enrollment periods. The program is designed based on the individual’s income and affordability and offers lower premiums, deductibles, and co-payments for individuals with Lower income. Conversely, higher-income earners receive less government subsidy to aid with their premiums and deductibles. These healthcare plans are mostly in- network plans that provide limited choices for medical services. However, they can be advantageous for low-income individuals and those with serious health concerns.

We at Meyer Insurance Agency are committed to providing our clients with up- to-date information and guidance on the various health care options available to them. Our team of experts is available to answer any questions you may have and offer advice on the most suitable health insurance plan to meet your specific needs.

Apart from the Marketplace, there are other options available for both individuals and businesses, such as off-market options and ACA compliant programs. We can help you explore these options further. These are just a few of the available choices.

Short-term health insurance programs are ideal for healthy individuals who are between jobs and require up to three years of coverage. There are many different options available, typically at a lower premium. Off Market Major Medical plans are a regular major medical plan that is ACA compliant, offering more flexibility in the choice of medical services. The plans are not based on income.

Most health insurance plans available in today’s market tend to have high deductibles and coinsurances and many different gaps in coverage. We offer the customer many different options to fill those gaps and to cover most deductibles and coinsurance, many times at a lower cost. We have partnered up with Compass Health SoLutions to offer our clients the most comprehensive and highly rated list of companies and products in the health insurance space. These plans can cover people with preexisting conditions.

ln addition to these plans, we offer Accident and Critical illness plans, Limited Health plans, Cancer Insurance, and Dental & Eyecare. We can help you find the most comprehensive plan that both provides the coverage you need and at a cost that you can afford.

lf you are carrying a high deductible and coinsurance on your health plans, be sure to ask us about our HMA matching services.

Benefits of Medicare Supplement Insurance

Benefits of Medicare Supplement Insurance

The Many Benefits of Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare Supplement Insurance is a type of insurance that helps to cover the gaps in Medicare coverage. It can help to pay for things like deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. Medicare supplement insurance is not the same as Medicare Advantage plans, which are an alternative to Original Medicare. These insurance plans are offered by private insurance companies and must be approved by Medicare. There are a variety of different types of Medicare supplement insurance plans, and each one offers different coverage. You can choose the plan that best fits your needs and budget. You may also want to consider talking to a insurance agent to help you choose the right plan

The Benefits of Medicare Insurance

This Insurance, also known as Medigap, is a health insurance policy that is designed to supplement Medicare. Medicare is a federal health insurance program that provides coverage for the elderly and disabled. While Medicare does provide some coverage for medical expenses, there are several gaps in coverage that can leave beneficiaries with high out-of-pocket costs. Supplement Insurance can help to fill these gaps in coverage, providing financial protection against unexpected medical expenses. In addition, Medicare Supplement Insurance can help to cover the cost of Medicare deductibles and co-payments. As a result, Supplement Insurance can be an essential financial safety net for Medicare beneficiaries.

The Different Types of Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement Insurance, also known as Medigap, is a type of insurance that helps to cover the costs not covered by Medicare. There are 10 different types of Medicare plans, each with its own set of benefits. Plan A, for example, covers Medicare Part A coinsurance and hospital costs, while Plan B covers Medicare Part B coinsurance and copayments. Medicare plan C is your Medicare Advantage Plan, while Plan D covers Your prescription drug. Medicare Part A and B coinsurance and copayments. In the state of Wisconsin, we are one of three states that offer unique and standardized coverage. So all Medicare Supplement companies offer the same plan. Some of the companies do offer within that plan some benefits that are unique to that company. So it’s important to choose the one that best meets your needs.
Medicare Insurance plans are an important way to ensure that you have the coverage you need. But with so many different Medicare Supplement plans available, how do you choose the right one for you?

How to Choose the Right Medicare Supplement Plan for You

The first step is to understand what Medicare Supplement Insurance plans are and what they cover. Medicare Supplement plans are designed to supplement your Original Medicare plan, covering costs such as deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. There are a variety of Medicare Supplement plans available, each with its own unique set of benefits. Meyer Insurance Agency is here to help take the confusion out of Medicare

Once you understand what Medicare Supplement Insurance plans are and what they cover, you can start comparing plans to find the right one for you. When comparing Medicare Supplement plans, be sure to consider factors such as premium costs, coverage levels, and providers. By taking the time to compare Medicare plans, you can be confident that you’re choosing the right plan for your needs.

How to Save Money on Your Medicare Supplement Plan

Medicare Supplement Insurance plans are an important way to cover the costs Medicare doesn’t cover. Medicare Part A and Part B have deductibles and copays that can quickly add up, especially if you have an unexpected hospital stay or medical procedure. These Supplement Insurance plans help to cover some of these costs. There are a number of ways to save money on your Medicare Supplement Insurance plan. One way is to shop around and compare prices from different insurance companies. As an independent Agency Meyer insurance will give you an unbiased rate comparison. Another way is to see if you qualify for any discounts, such as a discount for being a smoker or a discount for having multiple policies with the same company. You can also save money by paying your premium in full each year, rather than monthly. Finally, some Medicare Insurance plans offer discounts for healthy activities like exercise or quitting smoking. By taking advantage of these discounts, you can lower your overall costs.

What to Do if You Have a Pre-Existing Condition and Need Supplement Insurance

If you have Medicare and a pre-existing condition, you may be wondering if you can still get Medicare Supplement Insurance. The good news is that, in most cases, you can. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, Medicare Supplement Insurance is not available to everyone. You must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B, and you must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident. Secondly, if you have a pre-existing condition, you may be required to undergo a medical underwriting. This means that your insurance company will review your medical history to determine if you are eligible for coverage. If you are approved for coverage, your premiums may be higher than they would be if you did not have a pre-existing condition. Lastly, it’s important to remember that Medicare Supplement Insurance does not cover every aspect of your health care needs. It is designed to supplement Medicare coverage, not replace it. If you have Medicare and a pre-existing condition, talk to your insurance agent or Medicare representative to see if Medicare Supplement Insurance is right for you.

In Conclusion

If you’re ready to find the right Medicare Supplement plan for you, start comparing plans today. We can compare plans side-by-side for you to find the one that best meets your needs. Or, if you have a pre-existing condition and need Medicare Supplement Insurance, remember that you may still be eligible for coverage.  Either way, taking the time to compare Medicare Supplement plans can help you save money and get the coverage you need.

The Importance of Final Expense Insurance

The Importance of Final Expense Insurance

The Importance of Final Expense Insurance

As people grow older, they often face difficult choices about how to pay for their final expenses. A funeral can cost several thousand dollars; many people are not prepared to cover that cost alone. That’s where final expense insurance comes in. Final expense insurance is a type of life insurance policy that pays out a sum of money upon the death of the policyholder. You can use this money to cover funeral costs and other final expenses.

Final expense insurance is essential protection for anyone who wants to ensure their loved ones are not left with a hefty bill after dying. It is also an excellent way to ensure that your estate will not have to go through probate. While many people have life insurance policies, not all provide enough coverage to cover these expenses. As a result, final expense insurance can be an important safety net for loved ones. In addition, final expense insurance policies often have lower premium rates than traditional life insurance policies, making them more affordable for those on a budget. If you are concerned about how your loved ones will cover your final expenses, then final expense insurance may be the right solution. If you are interested in purchasing a final expense insurance policy, shopping around and comparing rates from different insurers is essential.

What is final expense insurance, and why do you need it

Final expense insurance is a type of life insurance coverage that helps to pay for end-of-life expenses, such as funeral costs, final medical bills, and outstanding debts. While many people have life insurance policies, not all provide enough coverage to cover these expenses. As a result, final expense insurance can be an important safety net for loved ones. In addition, final expense insurance policies often have lower premium rates than traditional life insurance policies, making them more affordable for those on a budget. If you are concerned about how your loved ones will cover your final expenses, then final expense insurance may be the right solution.

How does final expense insurance work

Final expense insurance is a type of life insurance that helps cover the costs of final expenses, like funeral costs and outstanding medical bills. It’s also sometimes called burial insurance. Final expense insurance can help your loved ones cover the cost of your funeral and other final expenses without worrying about coming up with the money themselves.

Final expense insurance policies are typically whole life insurance policies, which means they last for your entire life if you continue to pay the premiums. Whole life insurance guarantees the death benefit and doesn’t decrease over time as it does with term life insurance.

Final expense life insurance policies generally don’t require a medical exam, which means they’re available to people with health conditions that would make them ineligible for traditional life insurance.

If you’re considering final expense insurance, talk to your agent about different policy options and riders that might be available to you. They can help you find a policy that meets your needs and budget.

The benefits of final expense insurance

One of the most important decisions you can make is to purchase final expense insurance. This life insurance policy is designed to cover expenses related to your final arrangements, such as a funeral or burial. Final expense insurance can provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones, knowing that these costs are taken care of. It can also use to help pay off any final debts, such as medical bills or outstanding credit card balances. In addition, you can use final expense insurance to leave a financial legacy for your loved ones. With this policy in place, you can rest assured knowing that your final arrangements are taken care of.

How to choose the right final expense insurance policy

Regarding final expense insurance, there are many factors to consider in finding the right policy. First, you will need to decide whether you want a life insurance or burial coverage policy. Life insurance policies typically have higher premiums but will pay out a death benefit that money is used to cover final expenses. Burial coverage policies have lower premiums but will only pay out a set amount of money typically used to cover funeral costs.

Next, you will need to consider the amount of coverage you need. Final expense insurance policies typically range from $5,000 to $25,000 in coverage. The amount of coverage you need will depend on your unique circumstances and final expenses. For example, if you have a large mortgage or other debts that will need to be paid off after your death, you will likely need more coverage than someone with no outstanding debts.

Finally, you will need to compare different final expense insurance policies to find the one that is right for you. When comparing policies, look at the premium amounts, death benefits, and any riders or restrictions that may apply. By comparing different policies, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible coverage for your needs.

Tips for purchasing a final expense insurance policy

You should know a few things before purchasing a final expense insurance policy. First, final expense insurance is a type of life insurance designed to cover the costs of your burial and other end-of-life expenses. That can be an essential consideration for people who want to avoid leaving their loved ones with a significant financial burden.

Final expense policies typically have lower face values than traditional life insurance policies, which means they may not be adequate to cover all your final expenses.

In addition, final expense policies often have higher premiums than other types of life insurance. That is because they are typically available to people who are older and in poor health, both of which are factors that can lead to higher premiums.

Finally, comparing different final expense policies is essential before purchasing one. Some policies are more comprehensive than others, so finding one that meets your needs is critical.

Purchasing a final expense policy can be a helpful way to provide for your loved ones after you’re gone. By researching and understanding the options available, you can make sure you purchase the right policy for you and your family.

In Conclusion

When it comes to final expense insurance, there are many things to consider finding the right policy. The most important thing is ensuring you get enough coverage to cover your unique needs. It would be best if you also compared different approaches to find the best one for your situation.

If you are interested in learning more about final expense insurance, please call our office today. We can help you find the right policy for your needs and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Give Your Clients the Gift of Choice with Quility Level Term

Give Your Clients the Gift of Choice with Quility Level Term

Give Your Clients the Gift of Choice with SBLI Level Term

With the help of our parent company, Quility, we at Symmetry are always looking for new products that our agents can offer their clients. Products that can be customized and tailor-fit for clients are the paths forward, and it’s something we’re always striving for.

Quility Level Term (QLT) is the embodiment of that progress, and we’re happy that our agents can offer it to their clients. With Quility Level Term, Symmetry agents can give their clients the gift of choice when it comes to purchasing life insurance. From customizable policies to affordable payment options, Quility Level Term is the perfect product to add to your wheelhouse.

In this blog, we will break down all the benefits you can offer your clients with Quility Level Term and how you can generate your own QLT leads all online.

Quility Level Term life insurance

Quility Level Term is reimagining how insurance is bought and sold. Through a virtual application process, your clients can expect a seamless purchasing experience with an instant decision in 10 minutes or less.

QLT is an affordable insurance solution that comes with choices for term length, coverage amount and a list of add-on riders that will help your clients get the most out of their policy. This is the perfect product to offer any of your clients, regardless of their insurance goals.

Completely online

Today, customers are looking for convenient ways to make purchases. Whether it’s furniture, groceries or their favorite sitcom, virtual purchases are in high demand. The same is true for financial products. Being able to buy and sell insurance digitally is an important advancement toward meeting these demands.

Quility Level Term Insurance is a completely digital insurance experience. Using Quility’s online application, your clients will provide financial security for their families in no time and all from their computer or mobile device.

There are no medical exams with QLT, so your clients will have access to simple, affordable term life insurance, hassle-free.

Help them find the best fit life insurance
Insurance isn’t a ball cap, and it should never be one-size-fits-all. With Quility Level Term, you can help your clients customize their insurance policy so that it suits their needs.

Your clients can choose a length for their term policy that makes the most sense: 10, 15, 20, 25, or a 30-year term. They can also choose the coverage that fits their needs. QLT has coverage options ranging from $100,000 up to $1 million.

Best of all, with affordable payment options, your clients can purchase a policy with monthly payments as low as $18 a month. Flexibility is the name of the game with Quility Level Term, and despite your client’s situation, you can find a policy that fits them best.

Customize with riders

After discovering your clients’ insurance goals, you can help them customize their policy even further with a host of policy riders. Each rider is an additional cost to the basic coverage, but each one offers something unique that your clients can benefit from.

Quility Level Term add-ons include:

• Return of premium
• Charitable giving
• Accelerated death
• Child coverage
• Accidental death benefits
• Unemployment waiver

Aside from some basic insurance riders, Quility Level Term boasts some progressive add-ons that will be sure to interest your clients. With the child coverage rider, they’ll be able to add any children they have to their policy in the event of unexpected death. Through the return of premium rider, your clients will be reimbursed for their payments if they outlive the policy’s term.

Another unique add-on with Quility Level Term is the charitable giving rider. This allows your clients to name a charity of their choice as a secondary beneficiary. There are so many options for riders with Quility Level Term, that you’ll be hard pressed to not find one that will align with your client’s goals.


Client engagement is key to selling Quility Level Term. Any prospective clients are typically more interested in a simple and direct purchasing experience. Since QLT is a digital product, we’ve found ways to put prospective clients in front of our agents so that they can engage with them directly throughout the process. Through our proprietary Quility Tech, we provide our agents with technology that keeps them ahead of the curve. Owner’s Circle is a great example of that tech.

Owner’s Circle is our direct-to-consumer platform that Symmetry agents can use to drive traffic, track client engagement and most importantly generate leads. Through unique links attached to agents, clients can apply for Quility Level Term directly from your personalized request-a-quote page.

Speaking of client engagement, our pharmaceutical discount platform, QuilityRx , is a great tool you can offer your clients through Owner’s Circle. QuilityRx allows your clients to become members of this discount service that is completely free. With the QuilityRx card, they can find savings on their medications at over 30,000 pharmacies nationwide. It’s an excellent way to keep up engagement with your clients as you navigate a digital space.

Quility Level Term with Symmetry Financial Group