Give Your Clients the Gift of Choice with SBLI Level Term

With the help of our parent company, Quility, we at Symmetry are always looking for new products that our agents can offer their clients. Products that can be customized and tailor-fit for clients are the paths forward, and it’s something we’re always striving for.

Quility Level Term (QLT) is the embodiment of that progress, and we’re happy that our agents can offer it to their clients. With Quility Level Term, Symmetry agents can give their clients the gift of choice when it comes to purchasing life insurance. From customizable policies to affordable payment options, Quility Level Term is the perfect product to add to your wheelhouse.

In this blog, we will break down all the benefits you can offer your clients with Quility Level Term and how you can generate your own QLT leads all online.

Quility Level Term life insurance

Quility Level Term is reimagining how insurance is bought and sold. Through a virtual application process, your clients can expect a seamless purchasing experience with an instant decision in 10 minutes or less.

QLT is an affordable insurance solution that comes with choices for term length, coverage amount and a list of add-on riders that will help your clients get the most out of their policy. This is the perfect product to offer any of your clients, regardless of their insurance goals.

Completely online

Today, customers are looking for convenient ways to make purchases. Whether it’s furniture, groceries or their favorite sitcom, virtual purchases are in high demand. The same is true for financial products. Being able to buy and sell insurance digitally is an important advancement toward meeting these demands.

Quility Level Term Insurance is a completely digital insurance experience. Using Quility’s online application, your clients will provide financial security for their families in no time and all from their computer or mobile device.

There are no medical exams with QLT, so your clients will have access to simple, affordable term life insurance, hassle-free.

Help them find the best fit life insurance
Insurance isn’t a ball cap, and it should never be one-size-fits-all. With Quility Level Term, you can help your clients customize their insurance policy so that it suits their needs.

Your clients can choose a length for their term policy that makes the most sense: 10, 15, 20, 25, or a 30-year term. They can also choose the coverage that fits their needs. QLT has coverage options ranging from $100,000 up to $1 million.

Best of all, with affordable payment options, your clients can purchase a policy with monthly payments as low as $18 a month. Flexibility is the name of the game with Quility Level Term, and despite your client’s situation, you can find a policy that fits them best.

Customize with riders

After discovering your clients’ insurance goals, you can help them customize their policy even further with a host of policy riders. Each rider is an additional cost to the basic coverage, but each one offers something unique that your clients can benefit from.

Quility Level Term add-ons include:

• Return of premium
• Charitable giving
• Accelerated death
• Child coverage
• Accidental death benefits
• Unemployment waiver

Aside from some basic insurance riders, Quility Level Term boasts some progressive add-ons that will be sure to interest your clients. With the child coverage rider, they’ll be able to add any children they have to their policy in the event of unexpected death. Through the return of premium rider, your clients will be reimbursed for their payments if they outlive the policy’s term.

Another unique add-on with Quility Level Term is the charitable giving rider. This allows your clients to name a charity of their choice as a secondary beneficiary. There are so many options for riders with Quility Level Term, that you’ll be hard pressed to not find one that will align with your client’s goals.


Client engagement is key to selling Quility Level Term. Any prospective clients are typically more interested in a simple and direct purchasing experience. Since QLT is a digital product, we’ve found ways to put prospective clients in front of our agents so that they can engage with them directly throughout the process. Through our proprietary Quility Tech, we provide our agents with technology that keeps them ahead of the curve. Owner’s Circle is a great example of that tech.

Owner’s Circle is our direct-to-consumer platform that Symmetry agents can use to drive traffic, track client engagement and most importantly generate leads. Through unique links attached to agents, clients can apply for Quility Level Term directly from your personalized request-a-quote page.

Speaking of client engagement, our pharmaceutical discount platform, QuilityRx , is a great tool you can offer your clients through Owner’s Circle. QuilityRx allows your clients to become members of this discount service that is completely free. With the QuilityRx card, they can find savings on their medications at over 30,000 pharmacies nationwide. It’s an excellent way to keep up engagement with your clients as you navigate a digital space.

Quility Level Term with Symmetry Financial Group